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Dear Patient,

We are open and following government advice regarding Lockdown and return to work guidelines. Your call will be answered for us to advise and help you where we are able! Your place with us is secure as a patient and our clinicians are working on a plan so you can be seen as promptly as possible when we open again.

Advice for Dental Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patients can access information and advice on common dental problems and conditions on NHS 111 Wales website:

These pages have been updated to reflect the current circumstances and provide additional information on how to manage common dental conditions at home.

PDF Versions available on PC One

In addition to this, several, shorter PDFs have been developed, with a focus on self-care advice including how to manage dental problems at home and when to contact dental practices for advice. Patients can be directed towards both versions and the PDFs can also be shared with patients through social media channels.

With all the very best wishes James & Louise Davies

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