Stain removal

Are unsightly stains on your teeth making you feel self-conscious about your smile? Daily life and our eating and drinking habits can leave our teeth looking stained and discoloured, but we can help.

As we age our teeth can begin to become discoloured as the enamel thins. Poor dental hygiene, neglecting your oral health routine, drinking tea, coffee, red wine or soft drinks like cola or smoking can also cause our teeth to become stained. At Tongwynlais Dental we understand that having stained or discoloured teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious about the appearance of your mouth and impact on your confidence.

Stain removal treatments

We have a number of ways to return your smile to it’s natural whiteness and remove those stains. Firstly, our expert hygienist can advise you on an oral health routine that will improve the health and look of your teeth. Regular brushing, flossing or using interdental brushing combined with regular visits to the hygienist can go some way towards removing stains and returning the whiteness of your teeth.

However, for more stubborn staining, we can use EMS Airflow. This method of air-polishing uses a mixture of kinetic energy, powder and water and is a gentle, pain free way of removing stains and bacteria from your teeth without the need for any chemical products. Air polishing is safe to use not only on natural teeth but also on implants too, giving you a cleaner, brighter, more polished smile.

Teeth whitening treatments

For those of you with discoloured teeth who are looking for a brighter and whiter smile, then discuss teeth whitening with your dentist. We offer Phillips Zoom Whitespeed, a professional light activated whitening treatment that takes only 90 mins in the surgery and is followed up by using whitening trays in the comfort of your own home. Phillips Zoom Whitespeed is a great quick and easy way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, creating a youthful, brighter and more confident smile.

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