Discreet, comfortable and durable, at Tongwynlais Dental , we can provide high-quality white fillings that will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

At some point in our lives, it is likely that unfortunately we will need a filling in our teeth, whether this is due to general wear and tear, an accident or tooth decay. We find that fillings are a common procedure and our skilled team are well experienced in carrying out this treatment quickly, easily and most importantly relatively painlessly. A filling is a great way to restore the functionality of your teeth and stop any further deterioration.

White (composite) fillings

Thanks to advances in dental technology, we can now use white (composite) filling in most cases, although this is dependent upon the location and size of the repair needed. Made from a tooth coloured resin-based putty, we can match the filling to your existing teeth, meaning that it becomes almost invisible in your mouth, looking like part of your natural tooth. White fillings have become much more durable and with good oral care can last a lifetime. Some of our patients have even chosen to have their previous silver fillings replaced with white ones, improving both the look and feel of their mouth.

How your treatment works

A filling is a simple treatment, done under local anesthetic if needed. The dentist will remove the decayed or damaged section of tooth. Once done, they will clean the area, then ‘fill’ the tooth with the composite material, moulding it to the exact shape of the original tooth, before setting it with a blue curing light. Once the filling has been finished it should feel completely natural in your mouth. After the anesthetic wears off you will have restored functionality and be able to eat, drink and talk as normal.

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